Lets talk life for a sec

I am a mother to five wonderful kids.  Seriously. These kids are perfect for me. I am so blessed to be trusted by God to raise five people to be respectful contributing adults.  When I was 11 I thought long and hard and prayed a lot about how many kids I wanted and what gender. I understood that I could not choose gender, but this was my perfect scenario.  I wanted two boys and then two girls.  That was it. Well, SURPRISE! I got my wish! But God wasn’t finished. He gave us a bonus boy at the end and he is the perfect completion to our family.  We are incredibly blessed and though there are day to day challenges with having children, I am so thankful for each one of these unique personalities.


I am married to Nathan. He and I met at work. I was a mail room lead and he did data entry. we were both hired as temporary help in our separate departments and then both of us were given permanent status the same month which is the month we met.  My grandpa had passed away in early September 2003 and my aunt came out from Colorado for the funeral. I took time off to drive her back home (she had three small kids). I also wanted a change of scenery. I was considering moving to Colorado. I went to a prayer center and sat in the back meditating and asking the Lord for clarity on my move. A very sweet well meaning prayer room attendant came over and asked if she could pray for me. I agreed and told her what I was contemplating. She said “you know what? you should move. If God isn’t telling you no, then move. the worst that could happen is that you move back home later.”  I looked up at her and thanked her for the advise. I knew in my heart at that moment that she was wrong. I needed to go home. God wanted me back in my hometown.  So I went home and that next week, met Nate. We were filing together and he introduced himself.  In that moment, God told me that he and I would be together forever. He told me Nate’s character and that this was the life He had for me.  We were married 2 years later.

Through these years of marriage, we have experienced heartache and separation and bitterness and joy and happiness and anger and hurt and healing. God caught our attention in a real way in 2011 and since then we have been journeying toward freedom in our mind, body and spirit. God created and heals whole bodies. There are so many things that took a lot of years for me to understand and I hope I can share those things with you here.

God is my Father and my King. I have found true, pure love and all that comes with that. I have found boundaries that produce freedom and I have found that I love being me. I love what God has for me. I love that He cares about the things that I love. He designed me and had a plan when He did it. He is not ashamed of me or angry. He doesn’t want me to change who I am, He wants me to find who I am. He cares about my whole being. He is truly the definition of love.

All of this love, health and freedom is available to you if you give Him a chance. He will orchestrate the healing of your mind and spirit and bring you hope.  I want to share my story in hopes of inspiring you to see that you are living out a story too.  How is your story going to continue? It is your choice what directions you take.

Will you go to a path of health and freedom?

Will you chose life with me?

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