Free Living Oiler

I'm excited to announce the name of my Young Living team. Free Living Oiler or FLO, because that's what we do... flow with waves of energy, the frequencies of the oils and the direction that we feel lead to follow. I'm dedicated to loving everyone with these oils and my desire is to get them... Continue Reading →


I have never been one to embrace a stereo type. Growing up, I made fun of people who lumped themselves into a group like jock, prep and so on.  I took pride in the fact that I could wear what I wanted and act like I wanted and fit in wherever I saw fit. Well… The... Continue Reading →

The Vulnerable Parts

As I venture into the beginning stages of being an entrepreneur and all the things that go along with that, I have been able to observe several ways that I hold myself back from people.  In the past few years I have been shown by the Lord a ton of walls that I have built... Continue Reading →

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