The Young Living Business model is Multi-Level Marketing

“Network Marketing has come of age. It’s undeniable that it has become entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people”

Stephen Covey Author of The seven habits of highly effective people

“Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing, and Direct Sales are the names used by those in that type of company to describe how their business models work. Their detractors call what they do “one of those pyramid schemes” with a snarl. These companies are not pyramid schemes; they are a legitimate method for some people to make some side money and sometimes to literally build their own business.”

Dave Ramsey New York Times Best-Selling Author and Radio Host


This book does a great job dispelling myths associated with Network Marketing companies.

I am starting this business because I believe in the product. I believe these oils are a gift from God and I believe that He has given this job opportunity to me so that I can bless everyone not only with wonderful oils, but also with financial abundance and freedom from poverty.

The process of getting this business started has been eye opening for me. I am starting to see how much I have seen myself in a negative light. Now I know that I can have abundance while sharing health and healing with those that I love and care about.

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