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What are Essential Oils

Essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant. They are made up of hundreds of naturally occurring chemical compounds that play a wide variety of roles in different plants. Frankincense for example is extracted from the Boswellia  Tree. When the tree is wounded a resin forms to heal the tree.  This resin is what is used to extract Frankincense oil. Helichrysm grows in rocky soil. If you cut off part of the plant, it will regenerate within a week. There were no mistakes made in the creation of these specific plants.  If they work so hard to heal themselves, how do you think they will support your body systems?

The plants are grown, harvested and distilled to give us the oils. Preserving the integrity of what is extracted and distilled from the plant is of utmost importance. It is only then that the oils can serve our bodies the way God intended them. The benefits of essential oils go far beyond aromatherapy. They support skin, digestion, the immune system, the muscular and skeletal system and endocrine system. There is an oil to support practically every system in the body.

Why Young Living?

Not all brands are created equal. Just because a certain brand says 100% pure or even organic does not guarantee the quality that it implies. If you have done the research on product labeling there is a lot of wiggle room for companies to make claims. However,  therapeutic grade essential oils have incredibly complex and naturally occurring chemical compounds that interact with the cells and organs in our body to do amazing things.

I’m proud to promote Young Living because they are the best. Young Living only sells the highest quality, unadulterated and uncompromised oils. The key phrase that is stamped on every bottle is “100% Pure Therapeutic grade” I trust them because they are open about every step of their production process. Young Living’s Seed to Seal Promise is next to none. No other company in the world looks at every single step like Young Living does. They are never watered down and nothing is added. Young Living does every step of the process from selecting the seeds to bottling the oils. Their chemists have a long list of tests for purity on every batch. If it doesn’t pass every step, it is not sold.  They do not purchase oils from other companies.

Why the Free Living Oiler?

When I first found out about essential oils, I felt like I had just discovered a secret wonder from the earth. I believe every household needs these oils in their tool belt and I intend to help you find out why. I want to help you get excited about chemical free living and be inspired to share this natural wonder with everyone you love.

My journey has been as unique as yours. Freedom is very important to me and with these products I have found freedom. Freedom in abundance, freedom in wellness, freedom in cleaning my home…  My goal is to love people through these oils.


I do not claim to be a medical practitioner. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe any medical treatment or advice. Contact your doctor for that. Only opinions and testimonies are given based on what has worked for me. I work hard to be compliant according to the FDA.


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