OK! So you wanna join up with me? I am ecstatic!

Lets talk kits.

There are sign up options for you. You can join as a retail member and by oils through the Young Living website. OR…

You can join as a wholesale member and get 24% off the oils you purchase. The only requirement is a basic kit $45 and purchasing 50PV* at least one time during a 12 month period.

The BEST deal is to purchase a Premium Starter Kit. You have 4 options.


The difference between these four different Premium Starter Kits is the diffuser. A diffuser is a machine that combines water and oil and vaporizes it much like a humidifier. These diffusers are made with plastics that can handle the essential oils. Oils are so powerful that they can eat away at unnatural substances like plastic and polyester.

The Premium Starter Kit gives you 11 essential oils to start out your oily journey, a diffuser and some Ninxia Red samples.  They also include samples to share with others.


This Promo is just another way Young Living loves to GIVE! If you increase your PV from the necessary 50 to 190, you get a freebee! Unless you are a part of Essential Rewards… In that case you only have to increase to 100 to get a free item. The Promo changes monthly and it’s always an exciting part of my shopping experience.

Want more discounts and freebees? Check out this page on Essential Rewards.

Are you ready to live a chemical free life?

These essential oils are going to bless your socks off!

Contact me to sign up as a wholesale (or retail) member on my team.

I am excited to have you join me on this journey to health and abundance. I am here to support you as you learn more about the oils and their uses.

I have some great resources to help you establish your new oily routine and to help answer your questions.

Are you interested in creating abundance for your family? Lets talk about what it takes to work the business.

 *PV means point value and is attached to every product you purchase. Usually it is the same number as the purchase price, but sometimes the PV is less than the purchase price.